Duke: From Blowing Accounts To 6 Figure Day.

Under "Goat" at Monetari Trading, Duke went from a trading beginner to achieving a 6-figure day. His success is credited to mastering risk management, disciplined trading, and a supportive community, starting his trading journey a year and a half ago.


Nick: I don't think I would turn back and change anything. I've been very grateful for Monetari.

Nick joined Monetari in Feb 2022 via YouTube ad, started real trading in May. Notable: $2,800 profit in July tech stock surge. Pre-Monetari: Minimal profits from long-term Google research-based investments. Monetari impact: Consistent profitability with short-term alerts. Stands out for supportive community, responsive traders, and excellent customer service. Improved risk management. No identified areas for improvement; satisfaction with Monetari's traders, coaches, and customer service.




Jorge: Overall very happy with program, especially the coaching and community

Jorge, with an engineering background and four years of intermittent trading, appreciated the alerts and community but sought explanations from top traders, more coaching sessions per week, and additional time with coach Ryan. Jorge advised beginners to use the program for paper trading and learning, while advanced traders could elevate their skills with dedication.


Brian: The anchored VWAP is really something that I can take the time to review where equities are on my watchlist.

Brian, an options trader since 1997, actively joined Monetari Trading in 2020 after seeing a YouTube video showcasing trade tracking. A mechanical engineer seeking more freedom and family time, Brian now employs a systematic approach with tools like anchored VWAP, slowing down his trading and reducing risk. While appreciating the network's impact on risk management, particularly Ryan's training on anchored VWAP, Brian suggests improving the trade tracker's flexibility for different spread types and including psychology/reasons for entering trades.




Mariah: There's something about Monetari that is just easier, homier, more like a family.

Mariah found Monetari Trading through an Instagram ad, enticed by real-time trading and a money-back guarantee. As a beginner, she valued Monetari's live sessions, interactive community, and supportive coaches. Despite a $500 loss, she doubled her account to $2000, gaining confidence. Mariah recommends Monetari for its trust, community, and support, emphasizing the encouragement to start the journey even without an immediate purchase capability.


Yatza: Not only benefits, but I feel like you guys are family.

Yatza discovered Monetari Trading on social media, eager to learn options trading. Despite prior paper trading experience, she sought assistance for a deeper understanding and favored Monetari's community-focused approach. Onboarding was smooth with the user-friendly Discord platform and clear instructions. Engaging in live trading sessions, she valued straightforward explanations. To enhance the experience, she suggests step-by-step setup guides for recommended platforms and additional PDF or printed guides alongside videos.


Luis: I've had 14 wins, 7 losses and accrued about $6,000 in profit.

Luis joined Monetari Trading in September 2022 to learn options trading from home with the entry-level trade alerts package. Initially engaging in 1-on-1 coaching, he discontinued after two weeks, unaware of the custom Accelerator program. Luis, using paper trading to learn thinkorswim, aims to risk more capital with a goal of earning $1000-$10,000 per day. This week, he achieved approximately $6000 with 14 wins and 7 losses, trading with both Monetari and another company. Ready to commit more capital, Luis prioritizes refining his trading style and psychology.


William: It's really cool like when he's there on real time with me on an actual trade and I thought it really helped me a ton.

William, striving to learn trading for over 10 years and facing disappointment with previous courses, turned to Monetari after a career in federal law enforcement. Impressed by the transparency and honesty of coaches, he values the realistic expectations set by the platform. The training videos and coaching calls with Ryan have been highly beneficial. William recommends Monetari to those willing to invest hard work, highlighting its transparency and supportive coaching, despite expressing a desire for more examples on trade analysis.


Paul: I would love to replace most of what I do with this.

Paul, a novice trader with Monetari since August 2022, aims to replace his job eventually. Despite a small account under $3k and struggles with the PDT rule, he trades independently with mixed results. Constrained by account size, he appreciates the encouraging community and excellent customer service at Monetari. Notably, significant wins on Mamba alerts provided psychological boosts in his trading journey.


Derrick: I think you have things in place. Getting with the coach, getting the plan together, to streamline my journey.

Derrick, trading in forex since 2016 and options since 2020, joined Monetari in October 2022 after being impressed by Facebook ads highlighting high win rates. His goal is to pay off $40k debt, save $50k, and earn $90k to replace his IT career. While he hasn't traded live signals yet due to feeling overwhelmed by the volume and his day job, Derrick suggests PDF summaries of videos for task-oriented learners. Despite this, he acknowledges Monetari's strengths, praising quick customer support responses, superior win rates, and a smooth onboarding process with preliminary courses.

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