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A Quick Overview  Of The Process

Monetari Trading Accelerator

The Accelerator is designed for:

Welcome to Monetari, your gateway to consistent profits and success in the financial markets. Whether you're an experienced trader looking to boost your profitability or an aspiring trader seeking to learn the ropes, we have the tools, expertise, and support you need to achieve remarkable results.

Our mission at Monetari is to empower traders like you to overcome common challenges and achieve consistent profits without the hassle of extensive analysis. Through our Financial Publishing and Professional Coaching Company, we provide a comprehensive range of resources and a proven curriculum designed to fast-track your success.

We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity. We stand by our promise of delivering results. If you don't achieve an 80% win rate in your first 30 days or make at least a 20% profit, you pay nothing. We genuinely care about your success and provide ongoing coaching and support to ensure you internalize the knowledge and skills necessary for long-term profitability.


Step 1: 

We offer access to our exclusive network of successful traders, ensuring you learn from the best in the industry. Becoming immersed in success with everyone posting about their success will enable you to want to consistently show up to get similar results. 


Step 2:

We provide you with our 7-Figure Trade Rolodex, allowing you to trade live with our Professional Traders. 

Here you're able to take our 20+ years of experience and channel that into your trades. That way you follow proven strategies and are a profitable trader your first 7 days.

Our traders have a track record of an impressive 80-90% success rate, backed by real data with over 18,000 take profit levels.

Winning while learning makes learning easy!


Step 3:

Building on this fast start, we then start filling in the gaps of your skillset with our comprehensive course curriculum that we call The Monetari Trading Blueprint. It covers all aspects of trading, empowering you to become a professional trader in record time.

We start with an introduction, where we highlight the mental models of high performers and prepare you mentally and analytically for the trading journey. You'll gain a deep understanding of trading principles, develop a trading plan aligned with your goals, and set realistic expectations for your results.

The curriculum dives into first principles and mechanics, teaching you trend continuation and reversal setups, support and resistance concepts, and effective organization of market information.

We then focus on trading psychology, equipping you with the tools to manage emotions, maintain discipline, and execute your trading plan objectively.

Some of the topics covered in the curriculum include:

✅ Trading psychology
✅ Risk management
✅ Technical analysis
✅ Fundamental analysis for stocks
✅ Options trading strategies
✅ Options Trading Psychology
✅ Live trading sessions


Step 4:

We prioritize your growth as a trader through tracking, management and optimizing your performance through our support, and accountability. Our dedicated Success Coaches guide you every step of the way, helping you develop a clear roadmap and implement proven systems for optimal results.

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